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Archbishop Wynn WagnerArchbishop Wynn Wagner is the retired president of the Worldwide Conference of Old Catholic Churches. Until his retirement, he was also the Regionary Bishop of the Southern Province of the North American Old Catholic Church. He was also its Coadjutor.

Dr. Wagner received a Th.D from St. Wolbodo Seminary and elsewhere a Masters of Liberal Arts and undergraduate degrees in English and Philosophy. “Ancient history,” he said. “The earth has cooled significantly since all that.”

Before the church work, he was a programmer who helped write the tax software used by some of the world’s largest corporations. He also wrote Opus-CBCS, a computer bulletin board system that was wildly popular in the 1980s. Opus generated millions of dollars for HIV and AIDS, back when almost nobody was helping fund research or caring for those suffering from the disease. He also wrote a short piece called “HIV: Day One” for those who have just learned they have HIV. “Day One” is hosted by AEGiS, an HIV web service operated by a religious order in San Juan Capistrano, CA (USA).

In 2012, AEGiS awarded him their Health, Human Rights and Humanitarian Award marking a lifetime of humanitarian work.

Before programming and writing, Wynn worked in radio in Texas and New York. Before that, he was a pimply-faced teenager.

The archbishop is the son of Swedish immigrants who was adopted at birth. He sang as a boy soprano in the Texas Boys Choir and appeared on such television shows as Ed Sullivan and Perry Como. His singing took him to Carnegie Hall, to Europe, and to record dates like the last recording conducted by Igor Stravinsky.

He has a rich collection of fiction, mainly LGBT romance novels. Those titles are listed at Wynn Wagner Books. You can find his politically-charged blog at Wynn Wagner dot com.