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Tarot for Christians

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Tarot for Christians: Lessons from Christ’s Fool

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Tarot for Christians (second edition)

The main character of tarot’s first card is The Fool, and Tarot for Christians is the adventure of that innocent wanderer. THE FOOL is a simple traveler through the deck, growing and learning, experiencing and living.

The author — a retired archbishop of the Old Catholic Church — brings his knowledge of metaphysics and traditional symbolism to these misunderstood “flash cards.” Each of the major cards in the deck is a station on the Fool’s journey. The archbishop explains his take on each of the major cards with humor and eager anticipation of the wisdom to be found in the images.

The Fool’s adventure is a meditation on life, not an attempt to peer into the future. It is a lesson for today, not tomorrow. Tarot for Christians is the loving and personal journey of Christ’s vagabond, and he wants us all to join him.

“It had me after the first paragraph of the introduction! Finally a text on the mystical tarot for Christians. It is insightful and easy to read, and it made me laugh out loud.”
–Agatha Cassella


Tarot for Christians (back cover)

Tarot for Christians (back cover)

  • Philosophy : Metaphysics (PHI013000)
  • Self-Help : New Age (SEL503000)
  • Body, Mind & Spirit : Tarot (OCC024000)


B&W 6 x 9 in or 229 x 152 mm Perfect Bound on Creme w/Gloss Lam
Spine: 0.3397 in
Pages 146
ISBN 978–0-9855981–3-6 (paperback)
978–0-9855981–4-3 (e-Book)
MSRP $9.99 (e-book)
$12.99 (paperback)
Carton quantity 54
Returnable yes (Ingram wholesale)

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Dr. Wagner in the SACRED GARB of a retired archbishop (oy.)

Dr. Wagner is a proud member of the Authors Guild. He is the Coadjutor Emeritus — as an archbishop — of the North American Old Catholic Churches and a past president of the World Conference of Old Catholic Churches. He was written extensively on mystical and New Age topics, especially on how they jive with modern christian spirituality and religious practices. His views on religion — sometimes controversial — try to keep the tyranny of organized religion in check while empowering individuals to be the best adherents their conscious allows. He rails against church abuses and supports individual seekers every day, sometimes to the consternation of religious leaders (the ones in the fancy robes). Yet, Dr. Wagner has the wattage. He is a retired archbishop and holds both a Master of Liberal Arts and a Doctor of Theology. His credentials as an archbishop are vastly stronger and better documented that the current pope and most of the Roman College of Cardinals. His bottom like: if you are a cleric who doesn’t care for the church’s members, Dr.

Thanks for supporting Dr. Wagner’s ministry

It has been so hard over the past few years. He developed chronic pancreatitis following and acute version of that condition coupled with a heart attach and stroke. He refuses to whine or grumble (at least not about that). The office at Mystic Ways Books objects to this attitude because it’s like Dr. Wagner is trying to run up the scoreboard. He reminded me that pancreatitis is just one more log on the fire. He started with Hodgkins are the advance age of five:

“You try going to your first day of kindergarten bald from the chemo. You gotta look tough. In control. Macho. I didn’t exactly pull that off, but several kindergarden “bullies” sort of adopted me while I recovered.”

The archbishop — now retired — continues to work with others, quietly and through his books.

He retired for health reasons, having spent five months in the hospital in 2010. Because of that, he is no longer able to book public speaking events. Some days are great. Others… let’s just say that you don’t want to count on him being at your event with bells on.  🙂

Thank you for supporting him. Tarot for Christians was entirely written after the long hospital stay. He will deny it but facing the call to those heaven lights has changed him. Nothing can make him more mellow! But has more deep insights than ever before, and they are presented in his typical easy-to-read style. If you pick up this book, it’s hard to put it down.

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