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EXCERPT: Recovering Catholic (2)

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Recovering Catholic (2nd ed.)This is the preface to the second edition.


This is a short book because it’s just a starting point.

The hardest thing for my own journey was coming to terms with the fallibility of what I once thought to be infallible. “The Church” had been so wonderful. I know this because that’s what the church told me. It was an important player in my eventual entrance into my eternal reward. It was the most essential part to getting my sorry ass into heaven. Again, I knew this because that’s what they told me.

They said I didn’t deserve anything more than to lie around for eternity with cockroaches crawling over my bones as they turned back to dust.

One by one, the walls of that fortress collapsed. It’s a shame, and it really hurt me.

But I saw how the Church of Rome treated women and my LGBT friends. It was shameful.

It was little things. They continue to say they’re the most vital organization of God, but it didn’t ring true. The greatest composer of classical music — Johann Sebastian Bach — was Lutheran. How could that happen?

I saw the pope being petty. I read how they treated people during the Spanish Inquisition and the invasion of the Americas by the Conquistadors. One of Rome’s popes helped Nazi criminals escape Europe after the second world war, and they excommunicated a South American bishop who complained about it.

They fight the notion that a woman can be in love with another woman. There’s to be no living together or touching. And then they wag their clerical fingers at lesbians, accusing them of being promiscuous and being incapable of settling down.

So much pain inflicted. I was disillusioned.

I was also one of those boys who was abused by employees of the Roman church. I stared in disbelief when the Vatican equated predatory behavior with sexual orientation. That’s wrong. It’s one of those “judge not” things they ought to go into the people’s side of the confessional booth to talk about.

This booklet is about how I worked through all my issues. I no longer “hate” the Roman church, although I poke at them every chance I get.

Thanks so much for reading my little book.

I promise a happy ending.