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The Hidden Side of Christian Festivals

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by Archbishop Charles Webster Leadbeater, co-founder of the Liberal Catholic Church

Hidden Side of Christian FestivalsWritten by one of the foremost authorities on esoteric Christianity, HIDDEN SIDE takes you on a journey beneath the popular surface meaning of the major events in the church’s year. It was written a few months after World War One, and that still is a strong memory to the author. Archbishop Leadbeater (1854-1934) was the second Presiding Bishop of the Liberal Rite of the church catholic. He was one of the most well-known authors on esoteric Christianity of the twentieth century.

“Christianity is one of the great paths up the mountain of light at the summit of, which sits God Himself. It is one of the paths, but only one, and if we have a number of people all round the base of the mountain, the shortest path to the top for each man is the path, which opens before him. It would be foolish to have the idea that we must go and drag a man all round the base of the mountain in order to make him walk up our particular path.

“Our efforts to convert people from other religions and modes of worship are unnecessary and presumptuous. The effort to bring to the knowledge of God people who are ignorant of His ways is a grand and noble action; that we should by deed as well as by word preach our belief that there is a God, and that to live as He would have men live is the only sure way to comfort and peace — that is a noble work; but to try to convert a man who is already good along his own line in order to make him good along ours is not a sensible thing to do.”

Abp. Charles W. Leadbeater from “The Epiphany”

Pages  502 pages
Publisher  Mystic Ways Books
Published  2012
ISBN 978-1477489093 (paperback)
ISBN 978-0-9855981-1-2 (e-book)
ASIN B00846919I (reading enabled, lending okay)