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A Catechism of the Liberal Catholic Church


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A Catechism of the Liberal Catholic Church

Fourth edition

This is the fourth edition of Archbishop Wynn Wagner’s Liberal Catholic Catechism. The first edition was published when he was a rookie priest with Holy Water behind the ears. Now comes an update from Wynn as a lah-dee-dah my-incense-don’t-even-stink archbishop. And yet it still works as an easy-to-read introduction to this little-known branch of the church catholic.

The Liberal Catholic Church was started in England in the early part of the 20th century, an offshoot of the Old Catholic Church of Holland. It welcomes everyone — especially sinners — and is one of the most tolerant and accepting denominations you can imagine. Straight/gay, young/old, pro-life/pro-choice. Some believe in reincarnation and ascended masters. Others come for the mysticism or healing liturgies, while many attend because of the stately beauty of the Liberal Catholic liturgy. The amazing thing is that the Liberal Rite works for all of them. It is authentically traditional, yet surprisingly modern.

The archbishop introduces you to the major concepts of the Rite, from the simple to the esoteric. The Liberal Catholic Church is one of the most dynamic groups of independent Catholics in history. You are in for a real treat with A CATECHISM OF THE LIBERAL CATHOLIC CHURCH.

Number of Pages 176
Interior Type Black and White
Trim Size (inches) 5 x 8
Binding US Trade Paper



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