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Divine and Healing Path


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Divine and Healing Path: An Old Catholic Catechism

Divine and Healing Path: An Old Catholic Catechism

by Bishop Elijah of San Francisco California (Jim Rankin)

Divine & Healing Path: Old Catholic Catechism

OLD CATHOLIC CATECHISM. Many books that introduce a religious sect either get you so pumped up that you are in danger of exploding. Others are so “dry” that you seriously consider imploding before you get to the third chapter. This isn’t like that. Expect the story of a man from California who took a journey toward God. He tells you about his journey, warns you about some of the pitfalls he found, and invites you to join him on a spiritual quest. In a nutshell, Old Catholics are something like Roman Catholics, but without the Inquisition. They have all the sacraments. Yes: there are women priests and bishops. Yes: there are openly gay priests and bishops. Some members are pro-life, while others are pro choice. Don’t let anybody pull the pallium over your eyes because that is the way ancient Christianity used to be everywhere. You are in store for a wonder-filled spiritual journey.

ISBN 978-0-557-17424-9
Published 2009
Format 6 x 9 perfect-bound
Pages 189

A note from Archbishop Wynn Wagner–

Bishop Elijah (Jim Rankin) was the person who first got me interested in the Old Catholic Church. It isn’t a Protestant Church, and it certainly isn’t Roman Catholic. In fact, Old Catholics have a long history of protecting believers from the weird behavior of some Roman Catholics. The bishop was the Old Catholic bishop of San Francisco, CA. His introduction will show you that it is possible to be part of a legitimate and traditional Catholic Church that refuses to act like a modern-day Pharisee with gobs and gobs of rules. DIVINE & HEALING PATH is a treat. I am so glad that the bishop’s book is back in print!


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