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Tarot for Christians A Pilgrim's Guide to the Old Catholic Church (2nd Edition) Divine and Healing Bath (Jim Rankin, Bishop Elijah) A Catechism of the Liberal Catholic Church, fourth edition Recovering Catholic: How to be Catholic without being Roman Catholic (2nd edition) The Complete Liturgy for Independent Catholics A Textbook of Theosophy (Charles W Leadbeater)Hidden Side of Christian Festivals (Charles W Leadbeater)




Full list

  • Tarot for Christians (2012)
  • Brent the Heart Reader (ISBN 978-1-4700-7284-1) A new age romance, this is the love story of a young tarot reader and a Sioux man. (2012)
  • A Catechism of the Liberal Catholic Church (ISBN 978-1-4538-4024-5). Fourth edition (2010)
  • A Pilgrim’s Guide to the Old Catholic Church (ISBN 978-1-4499-9279-8) (2009)
  • Recovering Catholic (ISBN 978-1-4505-1149-0)  or “How to be Catholic without being Roman Catholic” (2009)
  • Canons of the North American Old Catholic Church (ISBN 978-1-4499-9610-9) (2009)
  • The Complete Liturgy for Independent, Mystical and Liberal Catholics (ISBN 978-1-4538-4024-5) (2008)
  • The Divine and Healing Path by Bishop Elijah (ISBN 978-0-5571-7424-9)  (2010)
  • A Book of Prayer (ISBN 978-0-9762-5651-9) with Jason Sanderson (2005)
  • The Rites of the Old Catholic Church (ISBN 978-1-4528-5691-9) (2009)
  • Ordo Missae (pew) (ISBN 978-0-5572-1997-1)  (2009)
  • Eucharist (Sacramentary) (ISBN 978-0-5572-1970-4) (2010)
  • Sanctification of Time (ISBN 978-0-5572-1987-2) Proper of the Mass for the Old Catholic Church (2009)
  • Old Catholic Church Lectionary (deprecated) (2009)
  • Wynn Wagner’s fiction is at WynnWagnerBooks.com